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Introducing the new TransCanada website

Always accessible, “is our 24-hour open house”

We encourage you to visit the new With improved mobile responsiveness, it looks great whether you’re on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. We’ve made every effort to provide all our online visitors with the latest information about TransCanada’s projects, operations and efforts in the community.

Here are some of the highlights:

If you think pipelines don’t play a role in your daily life, check out our Discover Energy section. It’s full of interesting facts about how pipelines like Keystone and the Canadian Mainline have supported a high standard of living in North America for years.


Within our Stories section, find out ways we’re committed to “doing things right.” Here we share stories of our employees’ volunteer efforts, our land reclamation process, our investment in the communities where we live and work, and even stories about our new web update.

Improved navigation and interactivity

The new is full of informative infographics and videos for landowners, shareholders, first responders, community members and the general public.

Learn about our three business lines in our Operations section, while investors can stay on top of stock price feeds in our robust Investor Centre.

“Being accessible is very important to us,” said Kristine Delkus, Executive vice-president of Stakeholder and Technical Services, and General Counsel. “We visit homes and communities to answer questions every day, but the website is our 24-hour open house.”

The new website also allows easy sharing of information across social media platforms. If you like what you see, or have another comment about the new website, please email us at