Meet our Nebraska staff

As a lifelong Nebraskan whose family is heavily invested in the Cornhusker State’s land and water resources, Ruth Jensen is keenly aware of the discussion surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline in her community.

Jensen is both a farmer and an environmental specialist, with TransCanada’s Omaha office, who knows first-hand the benefits and risks of new pipelines. This is why she jumped at the chance to explain the project to people around Nebraska through a new series of advertisements that are appearing in media outlets around the state.

“I wanted to take part because I believe in what I say,” says Jensen, a chemical engineer who has worked on energy pipelines for 35 years, including five for TransCanada’s U.S. Environmental Services team.

“I have been in the oil and gas industry long enough to know how safe pipeline transportation is and how Keystone XL is an important piece of the puzzle for improving energy security in the United States.”

Jensen and colleagues Terry Anderson, Jeremy Dangel, Ken Miller and Paul Fuhrer, are featured in a series of radio, TV, newspaper and direct-mail ads that explain the benefits and unique safety features of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that will transport Canadian and American-produced crude oil to refinery markets in the U.S. Midwest and Gulf Coast.

As discussion about the Keystone XL Pipeline route in Nebraska, Jensen said she appreciates the opportunity to share information about the project in her own words.

“I have had quite a few people I know tell me that they have seen the ads and they have helped inform them about the facts and have even turned them into supporters of the project ” Jensen said. “I think it’s important for us to tell people what Keystone XL is all about because there is a lot of misinformation out there.”

Check out the following videos featuring Jeremy and Terry.